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Issue Two, Spring 2015
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Cover photograph by Jason Fulford. Cover design by Adly Elewa.

Cover photograph by Jason Fulford
Cover design by Adly Elewa

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Essays by
Frank Light and Rachel Toor

Fiction by
Connor McDonald, Brian Rattiner, and Trevor Shikaze

Poems by
Kevin Casey, Sarah Hart, Hannah Loeb, Corey Mesler, Alex Myers, D.J. Parris, Tanner Pruitt, Kate Schneider, Linda Spolidoro, and Tomas Unger

Art and photography by
Dan Allegretto, Sophie Barbasch, Sarah-Louise Barbett, Jonathan Chacón, Grant Cornett, Clayton Cotterell, Sophie Davidson, Pola Esther, Jason Fulford, Ryan Gorey, Harry Gould Harvey IV, Jason Henry, Rebecca Iasillo, Phil Jackson, Serena Jara, Ethan Aaro Jones, Nico Krijno, Jeremy M. Lange, Ian Lewandowski, Shen Li, Chris Maggio, Brandon Malone, Bruna Massadas, Banjo McLachlan, Amanda Means, Ollie Murphy, Jason Nocito, Pat O’Malley, Igor Pjörrt, Ernest Protasiewicz, Paul Rousteau, Daniel Shea, Nikita Teryoshin, and Brian Vu

We are currently reviewing submissions for Issue Three. Thank you to everyone who sent their work! We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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