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Issue Three, Spring 2016

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Issue Three, Spring 2016

Cover photograph by Matthew Bradley
Cover design by Adly Elewa


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Essays by
Maia Dolphin-Krute and Qais Akbar Omar

Fiction by
Scott Broker, Rebecca Gearhart, Cal Graves, and Joe Sullivan

Poems by
L. Ward Abel, F. J. Bergmann, Lauren Camp, Rosie DeSantis, Kevin Dyer, Katelyn Kenderish, Colleen Leahy, Charles Rafferty, Keenan Teddy Smith, and Florencia Varela

Art and photography by
Richard Anderson, Magnus Åström, Thom Atkinson, Sergiy Barchuk, Anthony Blasko, Matthew Bradley, Michal Brezinsky, Madison Carroll, Craig Cutler, Julia Dunham, Danny Ghitis, Camilla Anne Jerome, Maria Kazvan, Paul Keefe, Gloria Krasinski, Mehdi Lacoste, Andrew Lyman, Thomas McCarty, Henry McCausland, Geir Moseid, Tommy Nease, Johanna Neurath, Fernando Nogari, Eva O’Leary, William Olmsted, Photosurish, Birthe Piontek, Ken Price, Hanna Putz, Melanie Schiff, J. Niederhauser Schlup, Clémentine Schneidermann, Neal Slavin, Brea Souders, Adam Sultan, and Caroline Tompkins

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